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Supporting The Game?
Godwarriors is a free game and will remain so. But unlike classic video games, online games requires servers whose costs increase proportionally to the number of users (servers costs are currently assumed by the author alone). Premium Members support independent creation and help us to secure the future of Godwarriors!

What advantages for Premium Members?
Players who support us benefit from Premium Membership and enjoy several - but not decisives (as seen in many other games) - advantages, for a given amount of time. Those advantages are the following:

 No more advertising on player's profiles!
 Customize your own sprite (based on the orignal clan sprite).
 See the position of every player immediately (with the help of a minimap).
 Create a second account (strictly forbidden for non-premium members)!

When your Membership expires, you can keep your custom sprite and your second account for free forever!

How to become a Premium Member?
It's pretty simple: send us the amount of your choice using the Paypal link below. You can upgrade many players to Premium Membership with just one payment: write the name of an existing player, click on "Add to Cart" and repeat this operation until all players are added (payment is 100% secure).

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