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 Gender  Male
The gender does not make any difference. It just matters for the look of your character and for the fans of Roleplay.

 Origin Athenian 
CO = 4
DE = 6
RE = 4

CO = 4
DE = 5
RE = 5

CO = 6
DE = 4
RE = 4

CO = 4
DE = 4
RE = 6

Your origin determines your initial strengths and weaknesses. Your power is based on three statistics: Cosmos (CO), Dexterity (DE) and Resistance (RE). Cosmos symbolises physical and psychical powers and thus, the power of your attacks. Dexterity represents your ability to hit and avoid your opponent. Finally, Resistance reduces all or part of the damage inflicted to you.

Athenians look for peace and stability, following the path of their Goddess. Beware of calm water, their wisdom makes them smart and tactical warriors!
Mycenians are powerful but still well-balanced fighters, dominating Greece since the dawn of civilization. Honor and loyalty are among their best qualities!
Spartans are true fierce warriors, trained for combat since their childhood, and feared by their enemies. But their pride leads them sometimes in deadly traps!
Thracians come from the barbarian tribes located north to the greek kingdoms. They are persistent men and believe in nothing but the bronze of their swords!

 This race is protected by the Gods at the moment. If you decide to be one of them, you'll start the game with 5 gold more.

 God Protector Athena 
CO = +2
DE = +2
RE = +2

CO = +1
DE = +1
RE = +4

CO = +1
DE = +4
RE = +1

CO = +4
DE = +1
RE = +1

A God increases your statistics according to his own strengths. Choose him wisely: he protects you but he expects boundless loyalty as well!

Athena, Goddess of wisdom and intelligence in combat, protects mankind with compassion and the help of her faithfull Knights against their common enemies!
Hades, Lord of the Underworld, is biding his time for eons. Deep in the everlasting darkness of his kingdom, slowly but constantly, his army of Specters is increasing its power!
Poseidon, Emperor of the 7 Oceans, plays the game of thrones but still prepares his cunning Marinas to conquer the World, using Cape Sounion as an advanced outpost...
Zeus, Master of Olympus, ensures his power and his authority by sending his devoted Angels to crush and destroy his rivals, thus maintaining the cosmic balance.

 The power of this God is superior at the moment. If you choose to be his loyal servant, you'll start the game with 5 gold more.

A sprite is the graphical representation of your character and is directly linked to Origin and God. Only Premium Members have the possibility to change it.

 Elite Mode Activate
If you choose to create an "Elite" character, you will start immediately with a character at a higher level. Beware, this option is intended for skilled and experienced players only (no tutorial and no help will be provided)!

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