Login Calendar Login Calendar
POSTED 19 mar. 2016 at 19:02
Play the game every day for 7 days and collect free gold at the end of the week! If you forget to log in, the calendar will be automatically reset.

Arcade Mode II Arcade Mode II
POSTED 11 mar. 2016 at 15:45
We have just released a new version of the arcade mode for those who want to train with a master and get up to 50% training points (TP) more. Give it a try, it's really fun !

Arcade Mode Arcade Mode
POSTED 14 dec. 2015 at 21:07
The arcade mini-game is now online! Defeat the ennemies running toward you and increase considerably the amount of XP you get!

New Ways To Obtain Armors New Ways To Obtain Armors
POSTED 6 mar. 2014 at 16:55
The last few days, the main forum has been intensively active due to the upcoming arrival of 2 long-awaited functionalities: - Obtaining Armors: From now on, you can obtain a Sacred Armor by reaching a given Elo ranking or by unlocking a certain number of achievements.... read more
 Elo Ranking 
 1. mister_dodo (level 25)1591 points
 2. Shadow of Death (level 19)1536 points
 3. Impérius (level 17)1380 points
 4. Ikaros (level 12)1343 points
 5. Démophon (level 14)1319 points
 6. Marimo (level 11)1313 points
 7. Lexa (level 10)1296 points
 8. Sov3liss (level 12)1274 points
 9. Magicarpe (level 7)1206 points
 10. Nyssa (level 17)1205 points
 Ranking by XP 
 1. mister_dodo (level 25)258230 XP
 2. Elizabeth (level 24)242365 XP
 3. Meliodas (level 23)235015 XP
 4. Melascula (level 22)226641 XP
 5. Estarossa (level 22)221449 XP
 6. Alberic (level 21)211309 XP
 7. Ragnar (level 20)207622 XP
 8. Obelix (level 20)204296 XP
 9. Skayripa (level 20)203997 XP
 10. Shadow of Death (level 19)199817 XP
 Epic Battles 
No Combat